Dolina Jałowiecka – Banówka – Dolina Żarska

Ústie Jaloveckej doliny – ústie Bobroveckej doliny 1 1⁄4 h – ústie Hlbokej doliny 1⁄2 h – Baníkovské sedlo 2 h – Baníkov 1⁄4 h – Jalovecké sedlo 3⁄4 h – Žiarska chata 1 h – ústie Žiarskej doliny 1 h Spolu: 6 3⁄4 h

Cycling trail in Liptovsky Mikulas

There are also benches or playgrounds in several places along the sidewalk, which is an ideal place for undisturbed summer fun in the fresh air. The cycling trail leads from the Ondrašová city district, around the Palúdžan bridge to the bridge in Okoličné. There are 2 cyclotracks along the route, and in case of emergency you will find a service point at Hotel Lodenica where you have free access to both the pump and the basic tools.

Poludnica z Liptovského Jána

Liptovský Ján (autobus. zastávka Hotel Ďumbier) – Rakytovica sedlo – Predná Poludnica – Poludnica - Predná Poludnica – Rakytovica - Liptovský Ján (autobus. zastávka Hotel Ďumbier)

Educational trail of artists

Explore a short educational Trail of artists in the beautiful surroundings of the Lúčky Spa. It leads behind the Spa Hotel Choč, the Dependance Liptov spa house and the Balneocentrum. The trail is dedicated to the memory of famous artists whose lives were connected to Lúčky. The gazibo is dedicated to Milan Michal Harminc, a famous architect who designed the Dependance Liptov spa house. The artistic benches are dedicated to Tadeáš Salva, a famous composer who was born in Lúčky, and to Jožko Piťo, one of the most famous first violinists in Slovakia who used to play in Lúčky and who contributed to the promotion of Slovak folk music.

Náučný chodník Plieška (Cyrila a Metoda)

Náučný chodník Plieška (Cyrila a Metoda) nás prevedie z Kúpeľov Lúčky popod vrch Plieška do Kalamien. Chodník je spojnicou prírodného termálneho jazierka v Kalamenoch a Kúpeľov v Lúčkach.

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