Girl´s Couloir

Access: From the A1 Funitel to the north. We will pass approximately 100 metres beneath the cableway A1 Funitel and get over the upper station of the cableway Chopok úboč (Konský grúň). Then we will continue left, towards Derešský kotol (Dereš basin). The couloir is situated at the foundations of the former cableway leading to Chopok – from this point we will traverse to the west across the snow barriers and get to the place, where a wide couloir begins. A relatively short, safe and simple couloir with moderate incline and comfortable ride-away to the slope 3 Spravodlivá. It is ideal for beginners. It is rideable from the beginning of January until the end of April, depending on snow conditions. Incline: 24 - 31° Superelevation: 180 metres. Exit: From Derešský kotol (Dereš basin) it is possible to traverse towards the north where you will get to the slope 3 Spravodlivá and 7a Otupné. Alternatively, you can ski down diagonally across the basin to the west and connect to the slope 4 Rodinná, and 10 Vrbická.

12 m





Starting point

Zjazdovka 3 Spravodlivá a zjazdovka 7a na Otupné.

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