School Couloir

Incline: 23 - 33° Superelevation: 200 metres

Access: From the upper station of the cableway A1 Funitel we will ski down the

slope 1c Pretekárska towards Konský grúň (Horse Hillside). Approximately 100 metres

above the upper station of the 2-seat cableway Chopok úboč (Konský grúň) we will

turn right towards the very wide couloir. Then we will ski down to the Luková valley. As the name indicates, the School Couloir is easy and available for beginners. Advanced riders will come into their own during the drop ride through snowdrifts at the beginning of the couloir. The couloir is rideable from the beginning of January until the end of April, depending on the snowpack. beware of increased avalanche hazard if a snowdrift is broken away.Exit: Exit from the zone is leading to the west towards Pekná Vyhliadka (Nice Outlook), from where it is necessary to climb up after skiing down. The traverse beneath Pekná Vyhliadka will bring us to the red hiking sign. It´s leading to the ski slope 5 Turistická. Then we will ski down to Záhradky.

1 m




Funitel / Konský Grúň

Starting point

Zjazdovka 5 Turistická

End point


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Total descent

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