Retransmisson Couloir

Acces: From the cableway A1 Fuunitel we will take the way beneath the A2 Chopok South cableway and shortly traverse towards the transmission station. From this point we will continue 15 metres westwards and then ski down the significantly narrowing passage of the couloir.

Frequently used couloir and available for intermediate free riders. The wide couloir is gradually narrowing in the middle, where it is creating funnel and continuously extending to a wide plain. It is rideable from the beginning of January until the end of April, depending on the snowpack. Beware of the western exposition – there is often found ice from melting snow in the middle of the couloir.

Incline: 34 - 44°

Superelevation: 350 metres

Exit from the zone is leading through a traverse, northwards, from where you will get to the slope 3 Spravodlivá and then to the slope 7a Otupné. Alternatively, you can ski down diagonally across the basin to the west and connect to the slope 4 Rodinná, and 10 Vrbická.

20 m





Starting point

Zjazdovka 3 Spravodlivá a zjazdovka 7a na Otupné.

End point


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Total descent

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