From Čadca to Oščadnica through Bukov

Bike Route

Even though the biking trail is not recorded in the maps, many local biking enthusiasts will recommend this trail to you. The route is characteristic by an uphill, that is rewarded by an downhill through the forest path.

⦁ starting point: Tesco supermarket in Čadca (free parking)

⦁ behind the supermarket follow the red tourist mark for about 0.5 km to Bukov

⦁ further through Bukov, around the Bukovský mineral spring, along the local asphalt road to gardening area (2 km)

⦁ continue by a forest asphalt road by 2.5 km until you reach the crossing Pod Javorským, from which you can follow the green biking path to Oščadnica, Brezina (3,1 km)

⦁ Follow to the blue cycling route towards the manor house

⦁ After 300 meters, a resting area with a will

⦁ at the crossing Oščadnica Dielnice we have the possibility to:

⦁ continue to the right - a gradual 4 km uphill along the forest road until you reach the intersection where you have already been (close the circuit) and follow the same route - descending to the starting point (a total of 8 km)

⦁ continue along the blue to the manor house and to Čadca by the main road (about 7 km)



Tesco v Čadci

Starting point

Kaštieľ v Oščadnici

End point


Total ascent


Total descent

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