From Žiar trought Žiarska dolina (valley) to Šarafiový waterfall

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Trasa: Smrečany – Žiar – Salaš Žiar – Žiarska dolina, ústie – Žiarska chata – Cintorín – Šarafiový vodopád a späť

Route: Smrečany – Žiar – Salaš Žiar (sheep farm) – Žiarska dolina (mouth of the valley) – Žiarska chata (chalet) – Cintorín (cemetery) – Šarafiový vodopád (waterfall) and back

You can start another very nice route in the village of Smrečany. The oldest preserved building in Smrečany is already mentioned Gothic Church of the Presentation of the Lord (in honour of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary), which foundations were built in 1349. Do not omit the museum with its permanent exhibition "History and important personalities of the village." The exhibition presents visitors a total cross-section of the history of Smrečany displaying old traditional folk crafts, farm instruments, folk costumes, old documents, photos and so on.

From the "village of spruces" continue along the road to the village of Žiar. Before entering the Žiarska valley make a short stop at a sheep farm Salaš Žiar. In the traditional wooden restaurant with lots of accessories reminiscent of ancient times of alpine farming, you will make your visit pleasant in a cosy homely environment sitting in front of a fireplace and tasting traditional dishes.

Relaxed and strengthened, you can continue with your journey through the Žiarska valley and its mouth up the Žiarska chalet (1.325 m). The Žiarska chalet is the gateway to the very popular tourist area of the Žiarska valley and Roháče in the West Tatras. It is the only alpine chalet in the West Tatras, located at the end of some of its valleys, accessible from the Liptov region. It is not only a place of relaxation and a great base for mountain hiking, but also a place that contribute to saving quite a lot of lives. The chalet was completely refurbished in 2006, and now it´s in full operation and provides its visitors with accommodation and catering services. It is open non-stop.

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Šarafiový vodopád

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