Baranec from Žiarska dolina (valley)

Tourist trail

Ústie Žiarskej doliny - Holý vrch - Baranec (2184 m n.m.) - Žiarske sedlo - Žiarska chata - Ústie Žiarskej doliny

The tour starts in a mouth of the Žiarska valley above the village of Žiar, where you can leave your car parked. A local bus from Liptovský Mikuláš circulates here as well. Right at the beginning you can expect a steep climb to the majestic Mt Baranec (2.184m), one of the most significant peaks of the West Tatras. Breathtaking views of the Liptov region are available from the moment you leave the forest zone, which is approximately at the crossroad Holý vrch (peak). From Baranec continue along an easy rocky terrain over the mountain Smrek (2.072m) down to the Žiarske sedlo (saddle) (1.917m). At this point you´ll begin to decline significantly to the Žiarska valley through the zone of alpine meadows down to the chalet Žiarska chata, which provides food and year round accommodation for tourists. The rest of the route passes through the forest, damaged by the force of nature (avalanche in 2009 and windstorm in 2014) and, secondly, by a man who doesn´t respect natural rights even in a national park. (Source: Hiking.sk)

7 h 50 m

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Žiarska dolina, parkovisko

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Žiarska dolina, parkovisko

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