Access: The zone 4 is accessible by the cableway A1 Funitel, 2-seat cableway B7 Chopok Úboč, and by the cableway A2 Chopok South from the south.

The couloirs in the zone are mostly oriented to the south and south-east. The zone is often used by skiers. An exit is situated 20 m away from the upper station of the 2-seat cableway leading to Konský grúň (Horse Hillside), directly behind the barriers. These couloirs are the only ones, which are sunny in winter (south orientation), and so they promise comfortable skiing.

Incline: In the zone the couloirs have the superelevation ranging from 250 to

100 metres and they incline within the range from 25° to 38°.

Exit from the zone is leading to the west towards Pekná Vyhliadka (Nice Outlook), from where it is necessary to climb up after skiing down. The traverse beneath Pekná Vyhliadka will bring us to the red hiking sign. It´s leading to the ski slope 5 Turistická. Then we will ski down to Záhradky.

24 m




Funitel / Konský Grúň

Starting point

Zjazdovka 5 Turistická

End point


Total ascent


Total descent

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