Náučný chodník Bacúch - Boca

Tourist trail

Bacúch – Bacúšske sedlo (1315 m n.m.) – Vyšná Boca

The village of Bacúch is an ideal starting point for hiking, for example the ridge of the Low Tatras. During the hike you can get to know the surroundings, as there is a built educational trail Bacúch - Vyšná Boca. There was always tradition - Bacuch, Boca from one father. Both of these villages are historically linked by mining and mountain pass Čertovica, saddle Bacúšske and saddle Ramža. It is a symbolic connection of Liptov with Horehronie.

This medium-haul route will take you along the blue trail in about 5 and a half hours. It is 14 km long with an elevation of 690 m and leads mainly through the forest. On the top of the saddle is a meadow Ramža, where there is also a tourist shelter (1260 m asl). This is the place of accommodation for most tourists who cross the main ridge of the Low Tatras. Approximately 300 m west of the café you will find a spring of drinking water.

The nature trail is self-service, on request also guide, line, two-way, pedestrian and summer. It is medium demanding. There are 5 infopanels on the route that inform about the village of Bacúch, the source of Božena Němcová, the locality Podvrch, about the Bacúš saddle and about the village of Vyšná Boca. Individual infopanels of nature trail are focused on nature and its protection, history and mining. The pavement also includes an entrance to a mine where copper was mined.

Availability and parking:

Parking is available in Bacúch. The village is very good transport links from Brezno. You can take the bus and train. We can get from Vyšná Boca by car, but also by regular bus transport to Liptovský Mikuláš or Liptovský Hrádok. Accommodation and catering options

Meals and accommodation is available in both villages. On the route itself there is only a shelter Ramža, which provides an emergency shelter in bad weather.

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Vyšná Boca

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