Educational trail: Golden Trail of Magurka

A mining trail has been opened to the public in the Ľupčianska valley. There are 11 panels along an 8.4-kilometre-long circuit trail marked blue and then yellow.

The trail is a part of the “Slovak mining route” project, which connect educational mining trails in Slovakia. As you walk, you will learn more about the mining industry, gold mining, antimony ore processing, rock processing as well as about wild nature.

The author of the texts on the information panels is Martin Chovan, professor emeritus of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University in Bratislava.

Trail type: one-way, self-guided, year-round

Outdoor learning activities for schools: suitable for field trips and nature walks

The construction of the trail was initiated and organized by members of the Friends of Magurka Civic Association and the Magurka Chalet, who seek to revive the traditions and history of the area.

4 h 30 m




Chata Magurka

Starting point

Chata Magurka

End point

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