Magurka Cottage, 1 052 m a.s.l.

Tourist trail

Tajch – Kapustisko hor. – Magurka (1 050 m a.s.l.)

Cottage Magurka is one of the modern cottages with a relatively large capacity of beds and with quality services (sauna, tub, and restaurant). It is also accessible by car using an asphalt road which is also a great place for walking and visiting the cottage. The cottage itself is located in the former mining settlement Magurka, in the beautiful natural environment of the Low Tatras at the end of the valley of Ľupčianska Dolina under the peaks of Latiborská Hoľa (1648 m), Ďurková (1749 m) and Chabenec (1955 m). We can find other dwellings or a church in the settlement.

In summer you can make full use of three marked hiking trails - blue, yellow and green which fork to the main ridge in Magurka. The way back in the opposite direction along the green trail is also very nice. It runs through Železnô to Salatín offering beautiful views.

There is an official car park in the valley. Parking is only possible along the road around Tajchy (artificial water reservoirs) but visitors can also use public transport at the starting point.

You can stay directly in the cottage offering double to five-bedrooms with an extra bed or in tourist rooms with bunk beds and common sanitary facilities. Beverages and food are also available in the Chata Magurka cottage.

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Ľupčianska dolina, Tajch

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Chata Magurka

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