Around Vysoká nad Kysucou

Bike Route

Vysoká nad Kysucou is a vast village in Kysuce. It is the birthplace of the prominent academic painter Miroslav Cipar, the ancestors of the last man standing on the surface of the Mesiaca - E.A. Cernan, and the owner of the largest tinkery workshop in the world - Štefan Hunčík.

⦁ starting point: municipal office in Vysoká nad Kysucou ( free parking, availability by bus / train)

⦁ go by the main road for about 1.5 km towards Makov (there is no mark for cyclists)

⦁ at bus stop Vysoká nad Kysucou, Furmanec (hospitality at Arnold) turn left and join the red cycling route

⦁ with a steep climb on the asphalt road about 3 km to the village of Vrchrieka

⦁ further follow the red tourist mark foing through the Javorníky gap for about 2 km towards Semeteš, terrain: clay / large stones (at Semeteš is the possibility of refreshment)

⦁ from Semete steep 1.5 km down the main asphalt road marked with the red bicycle mark turn to Grušpierovci (be atent and do not overlook it, it is on the left side)

⦁ continuing along the red mark by a pleasant old forest asphalt road approximately 5 km

⦁ at the intersection of the forest road with the path to the Vrchrieka continue along the red mark to the main road

⦁ return to the starting point



Obecný úrad vo Vysokej nad Kysucou

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Obecný úrad vo Vysokej nad Kysucou

End point


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