Grand Tour around Liptovska Mara

Bike Route

Cyklotrasa vedie obcami a podhoriami okolo najväčšej vodnej nádrže na Slovensku.

The cycling trail runs through villages and along the hills surrounding the largest water reservoir in Slovakia.

For its total length this is one of the most difficult trails. It however can be divided in shorter sections.

The terrain is rugged but without long and too difficult ascending. The trail follows less busy second- and third- class roads or unpaved roads which cross the fields, so it is suitable for trek mountain bikes.

During your trip you can discover intra-urban areas of the region Liptov with traditional churches or pass extensive meadows and enjoy views of the water surface. The beautiful scenery is surrounded by the ridge of the Low Tatras, West Tatras and High Tatras. In the locality of Havránok it is possible to go down to the dam and visit the church .

On your bike tour you can visit several places and taste traditional Liptov cuisine, and take some pictures of cows, sheep or horses.

The trails:

blue marked trail – Liptovský Mikuláš, Trstené, Bobrovec, Pavlová Ves, Liptovské Behárovce, Liptovský Trnovec; crossroad in Kvačany. Red marked trail no. 006 – Kvačany.. Blue marked trail – Dlhá Lúka, Prosiek, Liptovská Anna, Bukovina. Green marked trail no. 5425 – Bukovina, Bobrovník, Vlašky. Blue marked trail – Vlašky, Vlachy, Krmeš, Fiačice, Galovany, Svätý Kríž, Lazisko. Red marked trail no. 035 – Lazisko, Pavčina Lehota, Demänovská dolina, Ploštín, Iľanovo. Blue marked trail – Iľanovo, Liptovský Mikuláš.

8 h




Námestie Liptovský Mikuláš

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Námestie Liptovský Mikuláš

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