Ružomberok - Švošov

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Rużomberok - Švošov

The trail starts in the village of Likavka behind a railway station Ružomberok. We continue north, and the way leads us out to the main road Ružomberok – Dolný Kubín. The relatively busy road might not be the best choice, but what can we do. You have to keep riding until you come to a deviation to the village of Valašská Dubová, go through the village and then return to the main road again. After this, you have to continue just few meters up, and soon you´ll turn left to the village Komjatná. The traffic ceases, but not the ascent. You continue up and higher along the asphalt road between the apple trees, until a view of a pretty valley exposes in front of you on the top. Then, you´ll begin to descend, go through the village of Komjatná and still continue downwards. The quality of the trail gets worse so you have to continue along the broken asphalt road in the valley until reaching the village of Švošov. It gets better again before end on this way. ATTENTION: The trail is not signed in the terrain!

2 h 30 m




Likavka - za železničnou stanicou

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