Front and Back Dereše

Access: Zones 10 and 11 are accessible by the cableway A1 Funitel or from the south by the cableway A2 Chopok South.

These wide plains are mostly oriented to south and south-west. The zones are distinguished by moderate slopes. We can see here wide plains available for a long free ride curve. In Dereše a number of natural jumps with ideal

drops, where the length of your jump depends on your drive-up speed. These jumps you can find above the traverse in Predné a Zadné Dereše (Front and Back Dereše). Dereše are mostly skiable from the end of December when the scrub pine is largely covered in snow.

Incline: Plains in the zones have the superelevation of about 350 metres and

they smoothly merge into the zone of scrub pine and forest. The slopes incline within

the range from 20° to 30°.

Exit: From Predné a Zadné Dereše you can traverse eastwards to Kosodrevina

Restaurant and A2 cableway. Another alternative is to ride along the ski trail 33 Zjazdárska

leading to Krupová, then by cableways C8 or C9 leading to Srdiečko.

15 m





Starting point

Zjazdovka 33 Zjazdárska / A2 Funitel cez traverz

End point


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