Spa Hall - Kursalon

Monumnet, Architecture, Restaurant

Spreading, solitary building stands on the edge of the City Park since 1894. It was designed by architect I. eclectically forming Alpari and despite several late changes retains most of its original decor. The focus of the composition is monumental, richly decorated with plastic space hall - "Salon" - from which derives the name of the older building: Kursalón. Since 1928 it is part of the building exposed to museum collections. The collections of the Museum of Balneology today are significant archaeological finds valuable ethnographic material, documents the history of spas and spa in Slovakia and other objects. Special position occupy sites linked to personality MR.

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Beethovenova 5921 01Piešťany
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Places Around

Cultural and Social Center Fontána

The premises of cultural and social center fountain is designed for film and theater productions, lectures, symposia, congresses and exhibition for business.


Music Pavilion MUŠĽA Piestany was built in 1968. The venue for musical performances and during the summer there are held promenade concerts.

House of Arts Piestany

The first purpose-built building outside Bratislava theater after World War II, conducted in the years 1974 - 1979 by architect F. Milucky. The bearers of architectural expression as architectural concrete, glass and red - mobile and fixed surfaces and shapes.


A popular summer holiday resort, the water reservoir Sĺňava, is next to the world famous spa Piešťany situated in west of Slovakia.

Municipal Cultural Center of Piestany

The premises of the Cultural Center are performed various concerts and theater performances, tours of amateur theater groups as well as the performances of schools, educational concerts and exhibitions.

The underground

Former nuclear bomb shelter under a priori to be the Mecca of the young Slovak music. The new multi-genre space owner Ego wants to give space for the presentation of not only the young musician. At the time in Piestany it does not work any more music club becomes Basement places for a student concerts and events.

Community center on the Spa Island

Social Center organizes programs that fill the leisure spa guests - classical music concerts, opera, operetta, musical performances of domestic and foreign music and dance bodies, jazz concerts, dance programs, chess meetings and other.

Remix Music Club Coffe & Bar

Come sit for a cup of coffee or a good mixed drink at night is a good time and dance to the newly opened club in Piestany! Input from 20r.


Restaurant Thyme also offers the possibility to organize social events, company parties, family reunions, graduations, banquets ...


Memory legendary Sisi revive in our restaurant ELIZABETH Cafe & Restaurant, which is situated on the Spa Island. At first sight recalls the atmosphere of the period in which the queen lived, its softness, elegance and charm and just this beautiful and stylish environment is almost ideal for the survival of the moments spent with family, friends or business partners.

Restaurant Kominár

Daily menu: meal vouchers. Slovak specialties. Family celebrations for 34 guests.


Restaurant Muscat offers corporate events and meetings, family reunions, weddings, christenings, anniversaries, diamonds and pleasant posedenioe in garden pond.


The AS Trenčín Sport Center in Trenčianske Stankovce is a multifunctional center combining the possibilities of sports, especially football, with the possibility of quality accommodation and boarding in Považský Inovca.

Hotel Park Avenue ****

Hotel Park Avenue ****

The Hotel Park Avenue is a charming boutique hotel in a large park of Piestany, offers air-conditioned accommodation units with a satellite flat-screen TV, and free WiFi access. The Thermal Bath of Piešťany is a 10-minute walk away.

Pension Villa Veres

W21 Penzion Villa Veres is located in the centre of Piestany, the largest spa town in Slovakia. The residence has a spacious and charming garden where guests can relax.

Hotel Satelit ***

Just 500 m from Spa Island, this 3-star hotel in the centre of Piestany features a wellness centrum, free Wi-Fi, and a balcony in each room. Hotel´s parking is available.

Zuckmann Villa

Zuckmann Villa was built in the 18th century as a bourgeois house. During its history, it has served many purposes. Her life line is associated with the Jewish traders p. Zuckmannom that house expanded and used as the seat of his family, but also with spas.

Vila Trajan (Berlin) ***

Vila Trajan (Berlin) ***

"In the heart of Piest'any" The pedestrian zone of Piestany is just a few steps from the Spa Island. Cozy premises and Slovak hospitality. The hotel summer terraces invite you to unwind. Treat yourself to relax in the spa park, where they listened to birdsong under the trees, and enjoy the thermal pools and aviary with Pavma and rare pheasants. Everything you need to stay fit, available on Spa Island: golf, tennis, bike rental, petanque, table tennis, cross-country trails, boating, fishing as well as squash and bowling in Piestany.

Hotel Magnolia ****

Right in the heart of Piestany it is one of the largest hotels of the city, which is perfect for spending special moments. The joint operation of quality services, vast experience and professional staff, the hotel Magnolia **** has built the image of the traditional and popular options. The hotel has 126 rooms and offers comfortable accommodation in a peaceful atmosphere with an attractive location on the bank of the river. Comfortable and conveniently furnished rooms, divided into standard and executive type, providing its guests spectacular views of the river or the city center and its surroundings. Relaxed atmosphere in the hotel Magnolia **** enhance restaurant with summer terrace, which offers specialties of international cuisine with the latest trends in gourmet, healthy, light dishes, large selection of wines, spirits, hot and cold drinks. The hotel's Relax Center, which focuses on the wellbeing of the whole body and soul, you can use the indoor pool, classic and honey massage, peat wrap, Finnish sauna and other wellness facilities. Hotel Magnolia has a congress hall and two meeting rooms with a capacity of up to 300 people. Thanks to flexible combination options space, we can implement every requirement of the client according to his wishes and desires.


The AS Trenčín Sport Center in Trenčianske Stankovce is a multifunctional center combining the possibilities of sports, especially football, with the possibility of quality accommodation and boarding in Považský Inovca.

Thermal swimming pool Eva

The complex, consisting of a 25-meter indoor swimming pool, open from the 50-meter swimming pool with springboard, the children's outdoor pool, the areas of accessories, the apartment manager and designated areas for sunbathing and for various sports, built between 1933-1934 by the architect A. Wimmer, A. and M. Szonyi Kolátor. Watering reconstructed several times, in the last quarter of the 20th century briefly examine the new entrance building.

Napoelon spa

On the territory of Piestany there are several spa houses, the oldest of which there are three objects Napoleonic Spa, located in the immediate vicinity of the Vah river. Bathhouses, whose functions can be throughout their existence has not changed, although the built gradually, but with the effort expressive mutually adapt. Urban are arranged in a U-shape to form a small square.

Slovak Health Spa Piestany

Slovak Health Spa Piestany

Natural healing sources - thermal mineral water and unique sulfuric mud - are the cornerstones of the spa.

Golf & Country Club Piešťany

Golf & Country Club Piešťany

The Spa Golf Club in Piešťany is situated not far from the well-known spa area. It was established as one of the first golf courses in Slovakia as early as in 1914.


The AS Trenčín Sport Center in Trenčianske Stankovce is a multifunctional center combining the possibilities of sports, especially football, with the possibility of quality accommodation and boarding in Považský Inovca.

Lanové centrum Trnava

Lanové centrum Trnava

Lanové centrum Trnava je adrenalínový športový areál pod šírym nebom, ktorý ponúka atraktívne programy pre skupiny aj jednotlivcov. Ide o komplex lanových prekážok, ktoré sú umiestnené vo výške 8 metrov nad zemou.

Balneologické múzeum Piešťany

Balneologické múzeum Piešťany

Balneologické múzeum v Piešťanoch sa venuje dejinám kúpeľov a kúpeľníctva na území Slovenska, ako aj histórii regiónu Piešťan.

Spa Chapel at Colonnade Bridge

Modest, nave, neo-Gothic sacred building was built in 1897, designed by an unknown artist, as compensation for the demolished baroque Chapel. Jána Nepomuckého, that his time was in the vicinity of the former manor inn. Chapel consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Equipment eklekticisticky concept interior dates from the last quarter of the 20th century.

Directorate spa

Historic landmark. The oldest functional building in the city - originally Mansion inn recorded in 1806 engraver J. Fischer - is probably identical with the object, ospievaným already in 1642 Adam Trajan z Benešova the ode Saluberrimae Pistinienses Thermae as "... a large house that noble magnates only / pleasant Scythians dwelling ... "


Gallery in the cultural and social center Fountain.

Monument to Adam Trajan z Benešova

Sculptor L. L. Pollak unveiled in 1948 to commemorate the author of hymns Saluberrimae Pistinienses Thermae, which the poet in 1642 Piestany tune the healing thermal spring. A. After Trajan's Spa Island named main thermal spring, in the whole district.

Spa House Slovan

Spa house, originally a functional hotel called the Grand Hotel Royal, built in 1906 by architect A. Oberländer. It was the first large hotel building in accommodation with a capacity of 160 beds and amply dimensioned tableware, social and other necessary internal spaces and terraces.

Monument of Ludwig van Beethoven

It comes from 1939, the author is academic. sculptor L. L. Pollak. Impetus for the creation of the monument gave presumption of Beethoven's visit Piestany, while staying at a nearby Dolna Krupa.

Bronze sculpture Lovers

Sculptor A. Trizuljaka, monument to the first open-air sculpture exhibition in Piešťany parks in 1962.

Evangelic Church

Nave, in the term neo-Gothic church built in 1905, designed by J. Kratky. Austere ship has three fields arched cross vault and flat cap - the space is not allocated presbytery. The history of the temple - works together with the fitting-out lasted five months - to maintain a detailed report written by the main protagonist of the event E. Köhlera, published in 1909 in Budapest.