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Villa Paris situovaná v rezidenčnej štvrti kúpeľného strediska v Piešťanoch, na úpätí Malých Karpát, ponúka útulné izby s parketovou podlahou a satelitnou TV s plochou obrazovkou.

K dispozícii je bezplatné bezdrôtové pripojenie na internet a vedľa vily sa nachádza vybavenie na grilovanie. Hostia majú k dispozícii kompletne zariadenú spoločnú kuchyňu a jedálenský kút.

Piešťany ponúkajú prírodné liečenie pomocou termálnej minerálnej vody a jedinečného sírového bahna, ktoré sú vhodné na liečenie reumatických ochorení.

10 minút chôdze od vily Paris nájdete dráhy pre cyklistov a korčuliarov, termálne bazény, sauny a soľnú jaskyňu. Hostia si môžu zahrať aj squash, tenis, bowling alebo si môžu zakorčuľovať na ľade.

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Places Around

Municipal Cultural Center of Piestany

The premises of the Cultural Center are performed various concerts and theater performances, tours of amateur theater groups as well as the performances of schools, educational concerts and exhibitions.

Remix Music Club Coffe & Bar

Come sit for a cup of coffee or a good mixed drink at night is a good time and dance to the newly opened club in Piestany! Input from 20r.


A popular summer holiday resort, the water reservoir Sĺňava, is next to the world famous spa Piešťany situated in west of Slovakia.

Cultural and Social Center Fontána

The premises of cultural and social center fountain is designed for film and theater productions, lectures, symposia, congresses and exhibition for business.

The underground

Former nuclear bomb shelter under a priori to be the Mecca of the young Slovak music. The new multi-genre space owner Ego wants to give space for the presentation of not only the young musician. At the time in Piestany it does not work any more music club becomes Basement places for a student concerts and events.


Music Pavilion MUŠĽA Piestany was built in 1968. The venue for musical performances and during the summer there are held promenade concerts.

House of Arts Piestany

The first purpose-built building outside Bratislava theater after World War II, conducted in the years 1974 - 1979 by architect F. Milucky. The bearers of architectural expression as architectural concrete, glass and red - mobile and fixed surfaces and shapes.

Community center on the Spa Island

Social Center organizes programs that fill the leisure spa guests - classical music concerts, opera, operetta, musical performances of domestic and foreign music and dance bodies, jazz concerts, dance programs, chess meetings and other.


Restaurant Thyme also offers the possibility to organize social events, company parties, family reunions, graduations, banquets ...

Restaurant Kominár

Daily menu: meal vouchers. Slovak specialties. Family celebrations for 34 guests.


Café and restaurant. We organize family reunions, graduations, weddings, balls, receptions, banquets, seminars, training, team building, accommodation.

Hotel Máj ***

Sympathetic fully wheelchair Spa & Wellness Hotel Maj in Piestany for all generations, for seniors and families with children. The hotel offers an indoor swimming pool with water 32 ° C and sun terrace, healing and exotic massages, whirlpool or guinea fowl, wraps, sauna and solarium if the service of beauty, such as cosmetics, hairdressing, manicure, pedicure ... Nearly 50 relaxation, therapeutic and beauty services under one roof.

Pension Diana ***

Situated in Piešťany, 700 m from Health Spa Piestany, Penzion Diana features a restaurant and free WiFi throughout the property. The guest house has a spa centre and hot tub, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Free private parking is available on site.

Hotel Granit Piešťany

Hotel Granit Piešťany - kúpeľný ústav, patrí do hotelovej siete spoločnosti HOREZZA, a.s. Budova hotela je z roku 1853 a má podobu krásneho zámočku. Hotel sa nachádza v centre mesta a je zasadený do krásne upraveného parku, ktorý svojou pokojnou a príjemnou atmosférou láka na prechádzky, relax a posedenie v prostredí plnom zelene a kvetinových záhonov. Vďaka novému termálnemu vrtu, kvalitným prírodným liečebným zdrojom a úrovni zdravotných služieb patrí Hotel Granit k popredným protireumatickým kúpeľom v Európe. Horúce minerálne pramene s vysokým obsahom síry vyvierajúce z hĺbky 2000 m a sírne bahno s veľkou tepelnou vodivosťou a vysokou redukčnou schopnosťou sú základnými prostriedkami klasickej liečebnej piešťanskej kúry. Súčasťou hotela je zdravotný úsek s odborným zdravotným personálom, ktorý poskytuje liečbu všetkých foriem zápalových a degeneratívnych reumatických chorôb, funkčných porúch chrbtice, poúrazových stavov a stavov po ortopedických operáciách. Okrem samotnej liečby uvedených ochorení sa venuje aj prevencii a regenerácii. Všetky kúpeľno-liečebné procedúry je možné absolvovať aj ambulantne. Hotel ponúka ubytovanie a stravovanie v príjemnom prostredí s jedinečnou atmosférou. Našim klientom je k dispozícii bar s vonkajšou terasou, biliard, knižnica, posilňovňa, vonkajší aj vnútorný bazén, multifunkčné ihrisko či petang. Nadšenci cyklistiky si môžu zapožičať bicykle a spoznávať krásy Piešťan a okolia.

Napoelon spa

On the territory of Piestany there are several spa houses, the oldest of which there are three objects Napoleonic Spa, located in the immediate vicinity of the Vah river. Bathhouses, whose functions can be throughout their existence has not changed, although the built gradually, but with the effort expressive mutually adapt. Urban are arranged in a U-shape to form a small square.

Slovak Health Spa Piestany

Slovak Health Spa Piestany

Natural healing sources - thermal mineral water and unique sulfuric mud - are the cornerstones of the spa.

Thermal swimming pool Eva

The complex, consisting of a 25-meter indoor swimming pool, open from the 50-meter swimming pool with springboard, the children's outdoor pool, the areas of accessories, the apartment manager and designated areas for sunbathing and for various sports, built between 1933-1934 by the architect A. Wimmer, A. and M. Szonyi Kolátor. Watering reconstructed several times, in the last quarter of the 20th century briefly examine the new entrance building.

Golf & Country Club Piešťany

Golf & Country Club Piešťany

The Spa Golf Club in Piešťany is situated not far from the well-known spa area. It was established as one of the first golf courses in Slovakia as early as in 1914.

Lanové centrum Trnava

Lanové centrum Trnava

Lanové centrum Trnava je adrenalínový športový areál pod šírym nebom, ktorý ponúka atraktívne programy pre skupiny aj jednotlivcov. Ide o komplex lanových prekážok, ktoré sú umiestnené vo výške 8 metrov nad zemou.

Magna Gallery

Contemporary Art Gallery Sale of original contemporary Slovak and Czech artists - paintings, prints, solitaires, jewelery design, solo exhibitions.

Art school

The building, known under the name Sancta Maria, was before the change of use of a nunnery. Formation is expected once in the first quarter of the twentieth century; unidentified author drew from sources still living mocnejúcej Romanticism and Art Nouveau.

Pink Mill

The large industrial building, equipped at that time the most modern machinery, implemented during the First World War, in the years 1917-1918, designed by A. Bacharach and A. Harsányi. Currently, the only one still functioning successor to the long tradition of miller in Piestany.

Provincial Bridge

Reinforced concrete road bridge consists of seven fields; vešadlové a margin of 52 m, 29 m to the other. Continuous plate bearing the roadway is wider array hung on the side of reinforced concrete arches in narrow fields supported by the lower circular plates. The work of author J. pair Činčera - I Grebnik, made in the years 1930-1931, was one of the most courageous the time of the bridge structure in Czechoslovakia. During the war, the bridge was damaged, reconstructed it supplemented the floodgate to stabilize the level of warm Váh shoulders, in the last quarter of the last century, affiliated to the upstream side of the steel pedestrian bridge and then amplified vešadlovú Steel ropes.

Liberation Monument

Unveiled in 1950; authored by local native academic sculptor V. Vavro.

High school

Originally Masaryk secondary school - first performed construction on a new circuit, central, originally Comenius Square. It was built in 1926, designed by architect L. renaissance forming Skrivanek. The artist's means of expression included the sgraffito rustication, applied on all facades. The building gave the square measure of which predestined him, I really urban form. Construction Square scelila buildings parent agricultural village "old" Piestany with previously isolated settlements Teplice spa buildings in a single urban structure.

Spa Chapel at Colonnade Bridge

Modest, nave, neo-Gothic sacred building was built in 1897, designed by an unknown artist, as compensation for the demolished baroque Chapel. Jána Nepomuckého, that his time was in the vicinity of the former manor inn. Chapel consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Equipment eklekticisticky concept interior dates from the last quarter of the 20th century.

Directorate spa

Historic landmark. The oldest functional building in the city - originally Mansion inn recorded in 1806 engraver J. Fischer - is probably identical with the object, ospievaným already in 1642 Adam Trajan z Benešova the ode Saluberrimae Pistinienses Thermae as "... a large house that noble magnates only / pleasant Scythians dwelling ... "

Bronze sculpture Lovers

Sculptor A. Trizuljaka, monument to the first open-air sculpture exhibition in Piešťany parks in 1962.

Events Around

ROBO OPATOVSKÝ Štastné a Veselé Tour - Topoľčany

Robo Opatovský pôsobí na scéne už viac ako 20 rokov a patrí k úspešným stáliciam hudobnej scény. Na svojom konte má niekoľko albumov a množstvo hitov, ktoré oslovujú takmer všetky vekové kategórie.

Richard MÜLLER  ´22 TOUR - Trnava

Aj predvianočné obdobie sa ponesie v znamení skvelých koncertov. Patria k nim aj koncerty jedného z najúspešnejších a najpopulárnejších slovenských spevákov, Richarda Müllera. Program koncertov úspešného letného turné pokračuje aj na jeseň, okrem z piesní z legendárnych albumov 33, Nočná Optika, Richard Müller a hosté, Neuč vtáka lietať, Koniec sveta a ďalších pribudne aj ochutnávka z aktuálneho albumu (v predaji od októbra 2022) pod názvom Čierna labuť biela vrana. Priaznivci a návštevníci koncertov si tak môžu vypočuť piesne z Richardovej tvorby siahajúcej až do r.1984. Môžete sa tešiť na jeho veľké a všetkým známe hity, ktoré nikdy neprestanú baviť a ktoré urobili z tohto textára, skladateľa a speváka žijúcu hudobnú legendu, ako aj na piesne z jeho rozsiahlej tvorby, ktoré na živých koncertoch ešte nezazneli. Cena v deň konania: 33 € Zľavy: ZŤP - dostupné v obmedzenom počte. Pre zakúpenie ZŤP vstupeniek nás kontaktujte prostredníctvom emailu: ------------------------------- vám umožňuje online nákup vstupeniek na rôzne hudobné, kultúrne, športové a iné podujatia.